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The Taylor Historical Society has worked for decades to preserve the rich past of Taylor. Amongst our most notable attractions is the Coan Lake Historical Walk at Heritage Park. Throughout your walk, you will experience life from the 1800s and the 1900s. The Taylor Historical Society works year-round to preserve these buildings and the history that was lived in each one. 

Heritage Covered Bridge

The Heritage Covered Bridge is a replica of the Covered Bridges that were popular in the 1700 -1900's. The first covered bridge was patented in 1797 and was used for animal and human crossings. 

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West Mound Church

West Mound was orignally built in Taylor in 1882 by German settlers. The Church was moved to Heritage Park in 1994 where it underwent a complete restoration. After a fire in 2020, the church was restored in 2022.

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Heritage Water Power Mill House

The City of Taylor Purchased the Water Wheel House in 1989. The Water Mill represents a common power source from early settlements. 

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Heritage Log Cabin

The Heritage Log Cabin is the oldest surviving home in Taylor being built around 1850. This home was used for hunting during its early age but was moved to Heritage Park in 1986.

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Greenwald House

The Greenwald House was built in Taylor in 1909 and was located near Pardee and Eureka Roads. It was donated to Heritage Park in 1989. Today it houses Maggie's Sweet shop. 

Herkime House.jpg
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Hand Train Station

The Hand Train Station was built by German settlers in 1876. The station was named after George E. Hand. The Station was set a fire in 1965 destroying the station. In 1991 a replica was built by the Taylor Schools Building Trades Class and dedicated to Heritage Park.

Hand Train Station .JPG
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Fitz Caboose

Fitz Caboose was donated by the family of John J. Fitzpatrick in honor of him. The Caboose was dedicated to Heritage Park in 1993 with the help of Congressman John Dingell.

caboose 2023.jpg
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Sell/Schoenscheck House

The Sell/Schonsheck house was built in 1900 and rests in its original location in Heritage Park. The house was built by George W. Sell and was purchased through grant funds later being dedicated in 1993 to Heritage Park

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Heritage School House 

The one-room school house was built in 1882 for confirmation class. In 1988 the school house was donated to the city and in 1993 moved to Heritage Park and restored. 

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Heritage Boxcar

The Heritage Boxcar is representative of the major hub of transportation that came through the Hand Station in Taylor carrying freight. These boxcars were hand loaded during the 18-1900's and were major sources for commerce between Taylor and Detroit. Restored in 2022.

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Knope House

The Knope house was built in 1926 by Fred Knope. Located on Northline and Beech Daly the house was relocated to Heritage Park in 1991 to house the Historical Museum.

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Jared Sexton Town Hall

The original Taylor Town Hall was built in 1855. In 1863 the Town Hall was damaged in a fire and a new one was built in 1887. In 1991 the Taylor Schools Building Trade class built a replica of the original and dedicated it to Heritage Park. On August 6, 2023, the Town Hall was renamed Jared Sexton Town Hall after Taylor's first supervisor. 

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